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Books & Videos

There are many great books and videos that can help you be aware of the latest food allergy information and management strategies. Many of the books here can be found at your local library* or purchased at book stores or on
All companies are listed for informational purposes only. Their inclusion does not imply endorsement by FASGMN. Use your personal judgment and advice from your allergist to determine the safety and appropriateness of products and services.

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* FASGMN is happy to report that we donated a variety of food allergy books to Twin Cities county library systems! While there are many quality books available for purchase today, creating your own personal food allergy library can be costly. Our goal with this project was to make food allergy information more readily available to everyone.


A Day at the Playground by Tracie Mulari-Schrand

Alexander the Elephant book series by FARE (under "Books and Booklets for Children")

Allergy Tales: A Birthday Party by Carey Shoemaker

Allie the Allergic Elephant by Nicole Smith

The Best Audience by Diana Brock

The Bugabees Friends with Food Allergies by Amy Recob  

Chad the Allergic Chipmunk by Nicole Smith

Cody the Allergic Cow by Nicole Smith

Mangos for Max by Dr. Jessica St. Louis

Mommy Is This Safe to Eat? by Christina Black

The No Biggie Bunch book series by Heather Mehra & Kerry McManama

No Lobster Please by Robyn Rogers

No Nuts for Me by Aaron Zevy

One of the Gang by Gina Clowes

The Peanut Free Café by Gloria Koster

The Peanut Butter Jam by Elizabeth Sussman Nassau

The Pesky Peanut by Katie Corl

Peter Can’t Eat Peanuts by Nadine O’Reilly

Starting School with a Food Allergy by Christina Black

Taking Food Allergies to School by Ellen Weiner

The Best Audience by Diana Brock